Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More tales from the trails.....

You might be tired of seeing all my pictures from Colorado by now, but just a few more and then I'm done, I promise!

Our days in Colorado were pretty lax.  We had no concrete plans.  During the morning, Cecil and I would go tour the city or a landmark, then meet up with Max and go eat lunch or hang out.  After that, we would take him back to the field and head back to our hotel to get ready to go to batting practice and the game.  

I've said it before, but we really enjoyed being able to go to the field early and watch batting practice (BP).  The guys were very laid back and it was just a nice, casual atmosphere.

After the game each night, we would go to dinner with Max.  We were all starving by this point and tired too!  But we flew too far for too much fun to worry about being tired! HA!  Here's a picture from dinner one night.  It's kind of dark, but Cecil took it with his phone.

Max signing autographs one night after a game.....
 Wasn't this moon beautiful?  This was one night during a game!  I had to get a shot of it!
 Overall, we had a fantastic trip and some much needed time away!
Go GJ Rockies!

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