Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Anniversary in the Rockies

Cecil and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary last week!  TEN YEARS.  Hard to believe.  People say it goes fast, and I definitely believe them.

We had the opportunity to travel to Colorado the first week of August for 5 days and when opportunity knocks - we answer!  HA!

We left EARLY on that Wednesday morning (like, had to leave our house at 2am early) and arrived in Grand Junction, Colorado around 10:30 that morning.  The flights were great, no turbulence, and the sights were breathtaking.  The entire time we were there, I kept saying over and over how beautiful everything was and how can one NOT believe in God with these views?

We had a two-fold purpose for, we love the views and mountains, and two, we have a friend living there playing baseball for the Grand Junction Rockies (minor league team of the Colorado Rockies).  You may remember me talking about him on a previous post.

The GJ Rockies play at Suplizio Field, where Cecil played 14 years ago in the JUCO World Series!  It was an amazing experience for him to be able to go back to the field!  It's a beautiful field with spectacular views of the Rockies!

See what I mean?  The view is gorgeous!

 We were able to watch batting practice every day.......

And spend time in between practice and games with Max...

and, watch some good ol' baseball every night!  I love me some baseball y'all !!

We even got to see Jennie Finch throw out the first pitch one night!

 On our last night, we met and had pictures with Steve Garvey--the Hall of Famer !  COOL !

And of course, we couldn't leave the ballfield without getting our picture with Max in his uniform !

We had a great trip and I have tons more pictures to share!  Stay tuned!

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