Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2013 calendar

I have an Erin Condren planner for my personal use, but I like to hang a calendar by the back door for the family to see and use as well.

Usually I order one from whichever online company is having the best sale.  Last year it was Shutterfly, and this year it was Vistaprint.  I got my calendar for only $5 !

Want to know what pictures I used?  It’s always hard for me to pick just 12 photos (plus one for the cover) so here you no specific order…

One from our trip to Colorado in August 2012

colorado_2012 628

Max and the boys

camera_2012 543

At Boondocks in Daytona

edited_beach_2012 555

Silly Red Sox boys

camera_2012 443 

My beautiful nieces and my boys—they LOVE each other so much

 beach_2012 888_edited

Calm (at the beach)

 beach_2012 376

My boys

 beach_2012 727_edited

Beautiful scenery from Colorado

colorado_2012 350

Crazy family

november_2012 805

At Disney


Family picture 2012


More beautiful scenery from Colorado

colorado_2012 376

Love my calendar!

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  1. We have been using Shutterfly calendars for the past several years. This is the first time I haven't done one. We don't have enough pics of all of us now that we are here, there and everywhere. Hence my new kitchen project.


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