Monday, January 21, 2013

The Pantry

I recently had to clean up/out my pantry!  I have to do this quite often in my house.  We are so busy and this is something that just has to be done!

I’ve blogged about my pantry before here, and of course before school starts each year, I blog about the pantry.


It was SOME kind of bad, y’all.  REAL BAD.  I have just been so busy and not able to take care of it regularly so it was a hot mess.  I threw away empty boxes, organized, etc. and this is what it looks like now….

IMG_5938  IMG_5933 IMG_5934   IMG_5937

Nice and tidy.  The way I like it.  Organized.  Neat.  Simple.

How do you organize your pantry?


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