Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Picky Pantry

Y'all know by now how much I like a good, clean, organized pantry!  During my "great cleanout" I had to do some SERIOUS work on the pantry!  I'm picky about my pantry!  I like boxes together, side by side, tallest to shortest, like items together, so on and so forth.

This pantry was SOME KIND of BAD.

 But...once I had a few uninterrupted hours, it came out nearly perfect!  It's amazing what you find in the pantry when it's CLEAN!

Ahhh..one more project down, several to go!



  1. It feels so good to organize! I'm a neat freak!! Your pantry looks great!

  2. You would fall out and die if you had to live at my house, Charon!! ha

  3. That is quite a transformation! Are you for hire??? :) I have a few spots that are in desperate need of some organization!

  4. It looks good - and you have quenched the thirst of that OCD demon - at least temporarily! But, I am with you, I like things a bit organized like that also. At least all the labels facing to the front!

  5. Oh my word I am SO VERY jealous of you and your pantry girl!


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