Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year, New Goals

It's a new year and with that, new goals! I realize it's FEBRUARY now and I probably should have posted this the first week of January, but hey better late than never, right?

Some of my goals for 2011 are.....
  • Run a 5K.  I know, I know.  Most of you are asking yourself "how's a fat girl like that gonna run a 5K?"  I CAN and I WILL!  I have a girl at work that wants to run with me and while we're (okay I'm) a little late getting started on the training, we WILL run a 5K this year!
  • Keep a better checkbook.  I am probably one of the most organized people you will EVER meet, however, my checkbook is a mess.  Okay, maybe not a mess, but it sometimes takes me hours to balance it.  Yes, I still do paper and pencil balancing.  I know.  Dark ages.  Roll with it, okay?  Anyhow, I want to make sure I record every single transaction when it occurs, not 3 weeks later when I'm trying to balance.
  • Continue my debt worksheet.  Because I'm a dork, I made an Excel spreadsheet of all our debt, our monthly payments, etc.  I want to make sure I can SEE the PROGRESS being made.  I want to make sure I continue putting all our payments, etc. in the spreadsheet.
  • Pay off 4 "debts".  This ranges from credit cards to farm debt.  I'll make sure to do a blog post for each debt we pay off this year.  Hint--we are getting VERY close to paying off one big one in the next few months and a HUGE one in September!  An even bigger hint.  They're both green and yellow.  My husband is a farmer.  If you haven't guessed by now.  Please stop guessing.  ha-ha
  • Learn to do my makeup better.  Yes.  I'm 30 and I am TERRIBLE about doing my makeup.  First of all, let me confess here and now that I HATE wearing makeup.  Perhaps if I were better at making it look good, it would be FUN, but I'm not and it's not.  HA!  I've been very fortunate in that as a teenager, I never had to wear a lot of makeup to cover up "teenager skin" so I never really learned how to do good makeup.  I'm lucky now to make it out of the house with lipstick on.  I can STILL hear my Mama in my head telling me to go back inside and "put on some lipstick-your lips are the same color as your face."  ha-ha
  • The every year goal-LOSE WEIGHT.  30 lbs.  Minimum.  Need I really say more about this one?
Those are just a few of my 2011 goals.  Here's to hoping!


  1. Charon~ You will do great at achieving your goals. I was a wimp and didn't even set any for this year. YOu may have inspired me to change my mind:)

  2. 1) So proud of you for wanting to run a 5K! I would love to say I had run one (because I think it sounds really amazing) but not actually have to do I applaud you!!

    2) I hear you on the tractor payments. Glory, I not so jokingly say that Adam's tractors are my big dream house. Lord knows they cost as much as a dream house ;)

  3. Couch to 5k!! It's an easy way to get to 5k from out of shape! I started it this year. It was pretty painless if I do say so myself. I'm running in a 5k in a few weeks for a little boy who has cancer. Good luck on your goals!! You can do it!!

  4. 5K, this is my goal too. May be doing one in Tampa at the end of February..will let you know if I make it!! Good luck on all your goals, oh yea by the way I am all about pencil and paper for my checkbook and too keep a spread sheet of our bills-YES I AM A VERY VISUAL PERSON!! :)

  5. I am excited about the 5K. I can't wait to do it, so let's start training!

  6. Those are some great goals. Mine are all pretty close to yours. Let's get it done!

  7. The excel spreadsheet is a great idea! I made one like that before and I liked seeing the progress as well and I believe it helps in paying off the debts. There's nothing "dorky" about that... I think it's a smart move. We don't need it anymore!

    I'm in to run the 5K with you guys but you have to stay with me :-)

    - Your brother


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