Friday, January 14, 2011

Steak N Shake

My kids and I love Steak N Shake! It's hard to pass up a burger with a nice, thick, creamy shake!!! YUM! I'm hungry just thinking about that!
Right after Christmas, we had to do a few errands in "town" as well call it, so we met my mother-in-law for lunch! No surprise we chose Steak N Shake as our restaurant that day.

I'm not one to take my boys to nice sit down places very often, so Steak N Shake is just fine for them!
They can color and wear silly hats and it's just fine!

Happy Friday!



  1. My kids and I love Steak N Shake too. Seeing those pictures sure does have me hanker for one of their milkshakes. Happy Friday to you!

  2. The strawberry shakes are to die for....a few years ago they were also the most fattening thing on their menu. :)

  3. We love Steak n Shake too! I LOVE the chocolate/banana side by side shake...MMMMMM!!!

  4. Oh I miss that place. We had one right next us when we lived in Ohio. Yummy! That shake photo is making me want one right now.

    Happy weekend to you sweet friend!
    ~Melissa :)

  5. Girl I LOVE me some Steak n Shake!!! Jealous!!

  6. You are evil showing Steak N' Shake. There isn't one within a 5 hours drive from here! Now I'm wanting a chili mac and strawberry shake somethin' awful;)


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