Friday, January 28, 2011

The circus goes to the Circus

We loaded our circus up and went to the CIRCUS on Sunday afternoon!  I had NEVER been to a real circus before and I was SO excited—maybe moreso than the monkeys, errr…I mean boys, were!

We drove to Jacksonville and met up with Cecil’s brother, his girlfriend, and her niece.

circis 001

Let me ask you this!!  Since WHEN is a circus INSIDE?  My word, what is the world coming to?  This circus, the REAL Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey, was inside the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena.  I never in my life.  Sheesh.  Anyhow, it proved to be GREAT!

How could it NOT be great with this? 

circis 002

circis 005

Before the circus actually started, we were able to go on the “floor” and see the clowns, elephant, jugglers, etc.  They were doing tattoos too.  Not to be outdone by some of the “colorful” people in attendance, both my boys got a tatt on their hands. 

circis 006

circis 007

circis 004

circis 003

circis 008

circis 009

I LOVED that the start of the show was the Star Spangled Banner!  The Ringmaster came out to sing it and did SO GOOD.

circis 010

circis 011

Is this not the most GORGEOUS drape EVER?  It was even more beautiful in person!

circis 012

There were elephant rider people (for lack of a better word).

circis 013

circis 014

Flame twirlers.

circis 015

Super strong men that could pick up about 4 other people at once.

circis 016

circis 017

Tightrope walkers.

circis 019

VERY intrigued children!  They sat like this for 2 hours!
circis 018

circis 020

Lion tamers.

circis 022

circis 023

More elephant tricks.

circis 024

circis 025

And 3 very happy children!

circis 026

If this circus comes to your area, I most HIGHLY recommend it!



  1. If taking your circus to the CIRCUS results in "monkeys" actually sitting still for more than a few minutes then SIGN ME UP! We need to go next time! :)

  2. I want to take Jonah and Glory to one!

  3. When I was little, my grandfather use to take me to the circus every year... it was always inside of a large coliseum... I love the circus!

  4. Looks like y'all had so much fun!

  5. How fun!!!
    I am determined to have Bailey a Circus themed party before she turns 18!
    By the way..your boys are so cute :)


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