Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Family Christmas

It’s a tradition for us to be at HOME on Christmas morning.  I love this tradition, and I hope it continues for MANY years to come!  The past several years, we have invited Cecil’s parents to come have breakfast with us and watch the boys open their presents.  Our boys (believe it or not) do really well waiting to open gifts until after breakfast!

christmas_2010 735

christmas_2010 740

christmas_2010 738

christmas_2010 739


We had a wonderful morning and everyone received some wonderful gifts!

The boys were, of course, SPOILED again!!  I can’t help it!  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  I LOVE to buy people gifts that I know they will love—and I love to watch them open that gift!

christmas_2010 556 

christmas_2010 561 

the BIG present for the boys this year were DS Lites.  They BOTH got one!! 

christmas_2010 564 

christmas_2010 565 

Power Ranger TV game…..

christmas_2010 569

My big gift was a new pair of sunglasses!!

christmas_2010 751

New athletic pants…..

christmas_2010 577


christmas_2010 579

christmas_2010 612

New NFL shirts (incidentally, they would all load up the next day and head to Jacksonville to watch the Jaguars play in the SNOW!)  Yes, Carter likes the Patriots and Nolan likes the Jags.

christmas_2010 588

christmas_2010 589

Let’s be realistic here people.  What is Christmas without new socks?

christmas_2010 599

New cookie sheets!

christmas_2010 744

Bath toys!

christmas_2010 602

christmas_2010 623

I figured Cecil loved ESPN so much he might like some nice lounge pants with their name on it!  HA!
christmas_2010 615

I’m not sure why the face in this picture—but don’t make him mad—he might use the new knife on YOU!
christmas_2010 630

One of Nolan’s favorite gifts was a remote controlled wheelie car thing…unfortunately, it didn’t work. : (  SAD LITTLE BOY!

christmas_2010 642

When it was all said and done…here’s the piles of stuff!
christmas_2010 643

christmas_2010 644

Overall, it was a great family morning!  Stay tuned again!  We still have Christmas with my Dad and brother, sister-in-laws & Nieces!



  1. I love Christmas morning, too. So fun. Cant believe you make the boys wait until AFTER breakfast to open presents! I wouldnt be able to wait that long!!! ha... :)

  2. I love the boys in their matching pjs!

  3. I love your tradition of being HOME on Christmas! I think that's awesome! I wish we were!! Looks like great fun and I'm amazed your boys could wait to open presents until after Christmas! Morgan is sooooo impatient!

  4. Tell Carter I thought he would be pulling for the Eagles with Riley Cooper on the team - lol!! I am with Nolan - love my Jags, even though they never quite get it done - still love 'em. Looks like a great time was had by all!


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