Sunday, January 2, 2011

The great GIFT CLOSET cleanout of 2010

Since I was HOME ALONE for a few days, I decided to clean out and re-organize my gift closet.  Yes!  I have a GIFT CLOSET!  I love it!  This closet has saved me so much time, energy, and MONEY!  It’s perfect for when one of the boys brings home a birthday party invitation on Thursday for a party that is 2 days away!  It’s also perfect during the holidays when you “forgot” a gift for one person on your list—you just go to the gift closet, grab, wrap, and go!

I try to find items on sale, clearance, etc.  and stock up!  The BEST time to find the BEST sales are the day after Christmas!  Look for items that aren’t “wintery” or don’t have a holiday theme to them, if you want to use it for a birthday item.  I stock up on holiday plates, cups, napkins, boxes, tissue paper, wrapping paper, etc. PLUS bath sets, lotions, candles, dish towels, movies, and all sorts of other items!

The BAD news is that my checking account shows it!  The GOOD news is that I’m DONE with birthdays for this year (and probably next), and DONE with Christmas for next year for the boys’ teachers, Sunday School teachers, Principal, Asst. Principal, etc.  I also have items stored away in case a friend needs a “pick-me-up” or if I just feel like sending in something to the boys’ teachers.  The GIFT CLOSET is a life-saver!

I had SO MUCH stuff and had lately been just throwing it in there and it was getting SLOPPY!

organized 006 organized 007

organized 008

Here’s the loot I bought the day after Christmas and a few days later…..

organized 001

organized 002

organized 003

organized 005

WHEW!  That’s A LOT!  I was DETERMINED to make it all fit in the GIFT CLOSET along with what was already there!

The first thing I had to do was set aside all the “classroom goodies” for the boys’ classes for next Christmas.  I bought the paper goods and some cute plastic cups for their classes, plus a bunch of items like bubbles, notepads, mini pens, etc. to fill a bag with.

organized 009

organized 010

After completing that task, on to the GIFT CLOSET I went!

This is a Rubbermaid container full of lip glosses, puzzles, Barbies, sidewalk chalk, Star Wars thingies, pajamas, Crayola Color Wonder kits, bath sets, books, cookbooks, movies, and MORE!  The whole container is probably worth $250 and I paid under $40 for ALL of it!

organized 011

This is one side of the closet shelving which has some 3-D outdoor Crayola chalk kids, Transformers which were normally $4 that I got for $2, bath sets, etc.

organized 012

The other side of the closet shelving has board games, bowling sets ($6 the day after Thanksgiving), Army sets, etc.

organized 013

organized 015

This is the bottom of the closet and I have Bath & Body anti-bacterial soaps (1.33 each), a few gifts, and my bags of ribbon, scissors, tape, etc.  See those bags in the cellophane next to the pink bags?  They are brown cloth bags from Yankee Candle that I got for $1.00 at the Yankee outlet in Ellenton!  YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT!  It’s PERFECT for throwing a gift in and then giving it!  No WRAPPING necessary!

organized 014

organized 016

More Bath & Body soap/lotion gift sets that I got the day after Christmas.  They are normally 16.50 and I got them for under $8.00!!

organized 017

If you don’t have a gift closet, I encourage you to get a container, drawer, tote, shelf, or SOMETHING and just TRY it!  I ALWAYS cruise the clearance aisles!  You NEVER know when the PEFECT gift for someone will be there!  This does not mean I don’t care about the person I’m buying for!  In fact, it means I can give them MORE because I’m getting items at a lower cost!

Hope this has inspired you!



  1. I love the idea of a gift closet!! I organized my entire house... drawers, etc. during the two week break. We just moved in 6 months ago, so it wasn't bad, but it just has to be done ever so often. Plus, I'm a little OCD! :) Happy New Year!

  2. I am a sucker for a bargain as well, and can't help but buy those things I see on sale. I stocked up right after Christmas for our shoebox gifts for Operation Christmas Child in 2011.
    I love your organization skills!!!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Girl, wo-dang at the suff!!! You win the biggest gift closet I have seen award!! Good for you. Happy New Year!

  4. Great job, girl!!!! You are set and well organized at that.

  5. You are one stocked up Mama! It looks awesome!

  6. WOW! I so need to get a gift closet started at my house. You've done a great job there. Thanks for sharing.

  7. As I sit here in awe....mercy, I need one of those!

  8. Love it! I kind of do the same thing, but I just use a chest of drawers in our guest bedroom, and the top shelf in my closet...I would love to have a whole closet for it all though!! I love having things on hand - it sure is nice to pull something from the "stock" when something comes up last minute :)

  9. I am so JEALOUS of your gift closet! And I always love how you think and plan ahead for your teachers!! :)


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