Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Freezer Fixin'

Another one of my projects for the new year was to clean out my freezer.  I figured since I did the fridge, pantry, dressers, closets, glasses, etc. I might as well add the freezer to my list!

This is our outside freezer.  It had gotten jumbled up just like the pantry!

For this project, even the hubs helped!  We moved items around, dumped boxes and organized!

Much better!  Now I can SEE what meats and veggies I have!!  After we did the outside freezer, we moved back inside.  This freezer was something awful too!Unfortunately, no "before" picture, but I'll leave it to your imagination.  Here's the "after" picture!
Well, y'all, I'm off to do more projects!



  1. Maybe I should have you come over and help me. Haha... I keep getting distracted and that is the one resolution I have not been able to stick to, getting this house organized!

  2. You have inspired me! My freezer needs some lovin.'


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