Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Determined in 2013…..

I try to pick a word for the year on New Year’s Day.  Last year, my word was peace.  I definitely didn’t do my very best on some of the peaceful activities, but we had our first “family meeting” tonight and it went really well.  I made some goals for myself and laid out a few expectations for my boys.  So far so good.  We’ll see how well it’s going by Friday. HA!

This year, I’ve chosen DETERMINED.  I am determined to do and accomplish a lot in 2013.

-pay off debt
-lose weight
-run a 5K
-say “no” more

I have several other goals but I want to share those in another post maybe.  We’ll see.

I am blessed—so much more than I deserve.  Looking forward to a determined 2013.

Happy New Year, y’all.


  1. Happy New Year Girlfriend! I hear ya. I wrote a post awhile back regarding saying no. I was always the one too quick to volunteer only to regret it later. The year I decided to say no opened so many doors, not only for myself, but for others willing to step into the rolls I had let go of. Knowing there were others out there wanting to do what I was doing and that would be encouraged by doing so made it soooo much easier! Just do it, and don't look back...that's my motto.

  2. Mine is to be more diligent-characterized by steady, earnest, and energetic effort... I've gotten lazy in a lot of areas of my life and so I looked up lazy and found an ANTONYM (hows THAT big 4th grade word for you!) to characterize the changes I want to make. It's funny because Eric and I were JUST talking about my "resolutions" (I hate using that word because no one ever keeps resolutions) and then I see this on Facebook. :)

    I am going to be more DILIGENT in:
    -Being on FIRE in my spiritual walk
    -Making my home what I want it to be instead of complaining about what it isn't.
    -Finding things that make me happy and DOING THEM
    -Spending more QUALITY time with my family

    Thanks for the extra inspritation! :)

  3. Excited for new beginnings....I'm pulling for you!


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