Thursday, January 3, 2013


Each year I pick a word to live by (strive for) and each year I try and make a few resolutions for myself.  There have been years that I am 100% successful and years that I wonder why I bothered.

This year, I picked the word DETERMINED and here are my resolutions (obviously some of the resolutions carry from year to year).

  • pay off 2 debts (or more)
  • run a 5K (or at least finish one, doesn’t have to be running)
  • lose 50 lbs
  • live a more simple life (say “no” more and live with less)
  • expand my photography business

I hope I can achieve at least these goals in 2013!

Do you make resolutions?  What are they?


  1. I too love to pick one word that will encompass several things I'd like to accomplish. 2011 was Simplify, 2012 was Quality, this year it is Intentional...I want to live more intentionally, think before acting! I too was always a "yes" person, and last year I finally said no, posted about it, it was liberating, but at the same time I found that I was actually helping others who were looking for something to take on! God was closing some doors in order for them to be open to others. I love that! I too would love to lose a bit of weight, but have decided to make healthier eating a goal...I don't do well with the "lose weight resolution". LOL

    1. I love that you have started a photography business this year, Charon! Happy New Year

  2. Sounds Like you have a great plan for the new year and I love your blog. I also would love to loose some weight in this new year would you please share some of your weight ideas with us!!!


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