Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bridal Luncheon

I hostessed a Bridal Luncheon along with 3 other girls this past weekend. I LOVE doing luncheons and have done so many that I have when to do what food down to a science.
The bride-to-be is such a sweet young lady and I just love her to pieces.
"P" (the bride to be) loves the outdoors and enjoys hunting, etc. so we went with simple decorations for the luncheon.  Natural elements such as pinecones and pine tree arrangements were perfect for the table.
I took these photos early in the morning, hence the sunlight streaming through the windows....
We used the china I received for my wedding, as I always do for luncheons.  I LOVE my china and I get so excited to be able to use it for functions like this!

We served poppy seed chicken over a bed of wild rice, green beans with toasted almonds, and cream style corn.

We just knew someone would want coffee with their dessert, which was a warm brownie with vanilla bean ice-cream and hot fudge sauce drizzled over it.  YUM.

Such a beautiful day for a luncheon.

It was such a sweet time socializing with the bride to be, the mothers, and her bridesmaids.  We had a great time and we're on the countdown to WEDDING DAY!

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