Monday, March 4, 2013

Pollen and Sickies

The weather here in Florida has been SO unpredictable the last few weeks.  One week it's FREEZING and the next it's in the 80s.  No wonder we are all staying SICK.
Since spring has sprung, the pollen is horrible right now (hoping the windy weather right now will knock it out of the trees and such but who knows).  My oldest suffers from terrible allergies to pollen.  He gets nosebleeds, rashes, etc.  Just awful.
We actually stayed home from church Sunday because my youngest woke up not feeling 100% and my oldest woke up with dark circles under his eyes that looked like he had been in a prize fight. HA!
It's SUPER cold here and the boys and I had a lazy Sunday.  They laid around and I did laundry, menus, school folders, etc.

Hopefully you all had a nice weekend and stayed warm!

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