Thursday, March 21, 2013


I LOVE a good giveaway! It has been quite some time since I've had the opportunity to do a giveaway on my blog and I'm absolutely thrilled to be doing one now! It's SPRING y'all--and what better time to do a giveaway than spring? (especially when you see what it is!)

One of my sweet high school friends sent me a box of goodies last week as a preview of what she wants to bless one of my sweet readers with! I liketa wrecked my truck down my driveway I was so excited over the cuteness of it!

The picture is kind of bad, and I couldn't get the lighting just right, but look at this most adorable waist apron and matching dish towel!  I wish the color was better for you because the apron is a beautiful pale turquoise with hot pink/salmon colored stripes!  The dish towel is nice terry cloth material and matches the pink from the apron perfectly and need I say how much I LOVE embroidery?  OH MY.

She suggested I model it for you until I asked if she was ten shades of crazy!! HA!

Aren't they ADORABLE?!?!?!?  My sweet friend wants to bless one of you with TWO of the dish towels!! And with spring here and all of us needing to do some serious spring cleaning I thought it would be perfect!  Not sure which colors she will choose, but really who cares when they are as cute as this????  Can you tell I'm in LOVE with my goodies!?!?!

A little about my friend and then the details of the giveaway!  My friend is a married, working mother of 3 beautiful girls!  She does sewing and embroidery to supplement their income and because she loves it!  And hello!  She's GOOD at it!  She has an album of a few of her items on Facebook, here and if you can't get to the album, be sure to message her and ask to be added as a friend so you can see it!

Now the details of HOW TO WIN!!
1.  Leave a comment on this post!  That'll get you one entry!
2.  Are you one of my followers?  That'll get you one more entry!
3.  Spread the word about my giveaway on your blog with a link back to mine!  There's another entry!
4.  Do you plan to do some spring cleaning?  Tell me what you're doing and I'll enter you yet again!

I'll draw a winner Thursday and notify you by email so be sure to leave me your email address!



  1. I'm your first comment surely that should get me 2 entries in itself! Yes I follow your blog and I have already started spring cleaning! Pressure washing the house last weekend was a huge check mark on my to do list!
    Thanks! Melissa Boyd

  2. Woohoo Loving this!

  3. I love embroidered things, too!

  4. I'm not doing much spring cleaning, but I am doing a spring garden rehab- does that count?

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  5. Love the colors she used for your apron and towel.

  6. I am one of your faithful followers! (;

  7. Just posted about your giveaway on my blog.

  8. I plan on cleaning out some closets.

  9. Cute apron, Charon! Count me in. I'm a follower and I cleaned out the laundry room the other day. Does that count? :)

  10. the apron is super cute! The FB link wouldn't open for me to view the album.- I NEED to do some major spring cleaning, just not sure how much I will actually get done. ha. :)

  11. Jessica is so creative....I don't know how she has time with work, children and a beautiful new baby! Like you lady! I'm only working part time and i haven't blogged in months... I did fold laundry today!!! No I am spring cleaning the kids and my clothes. Trying to figure out what we have for summer and also early school shopping on old Navy .com!! I am not gonna be stuck looking for shorts for Trace like last year!! I think I got like 10 entries!! :)


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