Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Pantry. Again.

My brother is forever telling me that I organize my main pantry too much (we have 2 - one is the main food pantry and the other is where I store all my baking supplies, etc.).

I organized it AGAIN a few weeks ago.  It's just one of those spaces in our house that gets messed up with 2 young boys in and out of it and us being so busy!

I organized the pantry here.
Completely overhauled it here.
And had to clean it yet again just a few months ago in January.

This time I had to clean out my other pantry, what I like to call my "baker's pantry".  It holds all my baking supplies, cake decorating supplies, baskets, mixes, etc.
 Clearly, it was a HOT MESS!

 I took all the old stuff out, combined a few things, threw items away that were expired, old, etc. and now I have a beautifully organized, manageable pantry.

 I like my things neat and organized!
 It could still use a little work and a few more baskets to hold supplies, but it sure is better than what it was AND I can find things easily and quickly!

Do you organize your pantry?  How do you store items together?  Baskets? Bowls?  

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  1. I don't have a pantry, but I'm looking forward to FINALLY getting one in our new house :) My mom just re-organized her pantry and she used clear Mason jars, mixed with a few blue Mason jars. She also bought some larger clear glass jars at Wal-Mart. The mix sounds crazy, but it looks really good! Now she's got everything in jars from grits to cereal :)


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