Tuesday, March 26, 2013

We're Going To The Fair

Carter had chickens in this year's local Fair.  It's a big deal around these parts to show animals at the youth fair.  Many kids show chickens, heifers, steers, hogs, etc.  Nolan was supposed to show a steer, but his steer was crazy as a coon so we weren't able to take the steer to the Fair this year.  Hopefully next year will be better.

Carter worked hard for several months taking care of his chickens and the week of the Fair, they started laying eggs!  Now we get fresh eggs every day!

We had Carter participate in Showmanship, just to get some experience.  Here he is getting last minute directions from his Dad.

Because Carter is so young, he is still in the Cloverbud category and cannot win any Grand Champion, Reserve Champion etc. type awards.  He can only win a ribbon for participation.  (he was not happy about this either, ha!)  As we were standing by his chicken cage, the judge came over and asked if it was our pen and when we said yes, he said "I wish he was not a Cloverbud, because he definitely had the Grand Champion pen!"

Carter was MORE than happy about this (as were we) !

This was our first Fair experience and I definitely think we'll have many more!

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  1. So glad Carter had fun at the fair! What a good looking chicken :)


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