Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mid-Week Randoms

I've never done a mid-week randoms post before, but there's a first time for everything, right?
  • I can't seem to find the time to decorate my house for fall.  Does a scented candle count as decoration?
  • Busy doesn't begin to describe our lives right now.  I've had meetings at least twice a week for the past several weeks and more on the calendar!
  • Carter is raising chickens for the Fair.  Lord help.
  • Nolan is showing a steer.  Lord help again.
  • Spoke to a friend on the phone the other night for over an hour.  I had a significant amount of unrest in my soul about a few things and she encouraged me so much.  What a blessing it was.  Now, to make the leap of faith and do what we know we need to do.
  • I took photographs of my boys the other night at some of our freshly cut hay bales.  Oh my.  Serious cuteness.  Shirtless and jeans, wooden baseball bat, and an old ladder.  I melted.  In my heart and in the heat.  HA!
  • I'm taking Carter and a friend of his to Disney next weekend for Carter's birthday.  Pray for a cold front to hit Florida.
I hope you are having a most wonderful week!


  1. I think a scented candle counts :) I also haven't had time to decorate...we just bought our house and are so caught up in the reno's that I haven't decorated yet :( Hopefully by xmas I will be able too! Happy Hump day!

  2. 1. I am not believing you haven't decorated.
    2. Lord help is right on all that animal business, you're a good momma!
    3. Can't wait to see the pictures!
    4. Taking a friend to're a good momma, HA!!
    Prayers for cooler weather!!!


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