Friday, October 5, 2012

The Weekend & Hunting Safety

We have a busy weekend ahead!  I've got a HUGE yard sale at the boys school tomorrow morning (about 17 booths have been rented and the rental fees support our PTO), all the guys in the family are heading to the Gator game (GO GATORS!), and I need to whip my house back in shape after having been gone to a meeting every night this week.  WHEW!

I'm seriously looking forward to lounging in pajamas all Saturday afternoon!

On another note (completely unrelated to pajamas or Gator games or yard sales) - I saw these books when the hubby and I were in Colorado a few months ago.

Sorry for the picture quality, it was taken from my phone in a quick hurry!  (We were on our way to a baseball game and had to go RIGHT THEN).

I have two BOYS who like to hunt and enjoy hunting and going to the woods,  but I'm ALL ABOUT safety.  To this day, I still say "Be careful" when they leave for the woods or even go outside to play.  If you recall Nolan's eye incident, you know why I say BE CAREFUL.

I really want to get my boys a few of these Little Sportsman books because I loved the way they were written - very simple and to the point.  Things like "we never point our gun at someone" or "we always keep the safety on until we're ready to shoot".  I'm very strict when it comes to gun safety (or bow safety or water safety, etc.) and I want my kids to enjoy it SAFELY.

You can find the books directly through Little Sportsman's website, Amazon, or I'm sure hunting warehouses like Cabelas or Gander Mountain.  They're a little pricey ($19.99 and up) but I'm sure all of us Momma's would agree.  No price to high for our babies' safety.  It looks like Little Sportsman is running a sale on their website for about 15.99 right now and they have some other deals too.  I'm also LOVING their website!  They have wonderful words of wisdom like "building a better generation of sportsman" and "recruiting tomorrow's sportsman today".  (I sound like I work for them huh?  HA) p.s.  Little Sportsman has NO IDEA who I am, I just saw the books and fell in love.  I'm not being paid to say this stuff, trust me!

Have a great weekend!

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