Monday, October 1, 2012

Disney Trips, Part I

In keeping with tradition, the boys and I took a short back-to-school Disney trip in August (yes I know it's October, but bear with me okay....).  We've done this the past few years and the kids just love it!

This year, we took two mini trips rather than one extended trip.  Cecil was really, really busy with soybeans and peanuts, so he was unable to go on either trip, but I do Disney very well right by myself.  I've done it many, many times and the boys and I do great!

Our first trip was in August (just before school started) and we stayed at the All Star Sports Resort.  It's not my favorite hotel on Disney property, but the boys love it and it was just us 3, so that settled that.  HA!

We left as soon as we got up one Saturday morning then stayed all day Saturday and that night and all day Sunday, coming home late Sunday evening.

We really just took our time and enjoyed ourselves even though it was HOT.  We rode what we could ride and just piddled around.  It was honestly quite enjoyable!

Usually we just go for "quick meals" but the boys and I were hungry for some real food, so I accessed my Disney mobile app and booked a reservation at Fort Wilderness.  It was DELICIOUS!  The boys were in hog heaven.  Literally.  They love ham, and wouldn't ya know it--ham was on the buffet!  HA!

 And because my boys LOVE salad, they got a HUGE one.  Trust me--that bowl is DEEP.  Yes, it has a lot of ranch dressing on it, but the bowl went on forever.

 Eating off tin plates is definitely my style!
 And there's just nothing on earth like drinking sweet tea from a Mason jar.
 Not only is the dinner a buffet, but they have  dessert buffet too.  I was in heaven.  Everyone talks about how good the red velvet cake is there, and I definitely see why!  It was moist, light, and delicious!

After dinner, we called it a night and went back to our hotel!  The heat and going all day long really hit us  hard!

We had such a fun trip and I'm loving that we carve out time to do this every year together!  I didn't realize this post would be extra long if I added our second trip in, so I'll do the second trip post tomorrow!



  1. Love how you and your boys have a back to school Disney trip tradition. Such a great way to make memories. The red velvet cake looks so good. (-;

  2. We've never eaten at that restaurant...may have to try it next time. :)


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