Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up & Menu

We had a great weekend!  It always goes by too fast!  My yard sale went great and my house got cleaned!  Not to mention, the GATORS won ! WHOO HOO!

I made a big pot of baked potato soup tonight so I could have lunch this week at work, and Carter asked for chicken and yellow rice tomorrow night so I guess that's what we'll be having.

Here's what our menu looks like this week:

Sunday - baked potato soup & beef roast (for the boys)
Monday - chicken and yellow rice
Tuesday - crock pot pork spare ribs
Weds - meatloaf
Thursday - cashew chicken
Friday - leftovers? pizza?

What's on your menu this week?


  1. Will you share your baked potato soup recipe? I LOVE soup this time of year and am always looking for a new recipe to try.

  2. PLEASE share that recipe for the soup!!! That sounds marvelous!


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